Evaluation of the SPLASH Grant Scheme Voluntary Access Agreements 2008-2012. A report prepared by Plumpton College, the University of Brighton and G and L Hughes Limited

In 2008, the Welsh Government introduced a grant scheme known as SPLASH to provide support to organisations who are interested in improving access to water. Wales has many lakes, rivers, reservoirs and canals and the Government wants people to have the opportunity to enjoy using these natural assets for the range of water activities, including angling, canoeing, sailing and swimming. However, many areas of inland water are not easily accessible and some of the Government funding has been spent on setting up voluntary agreements with landowners to encourage them to open up new access and provide practical ways for people to get onto or into water so that they can enjoy activities in a safe and sustainable way.

Having spent the money that has been allocated, the Government wanted to find out if the agreements ith landowners and the facilities that have been provided have been successful in encouraging better access to water across Wales for a whole range of casual users as well as members of clubs and other organisations or whether it might need to consider introducing new legislation to make sure that water areas that people want to use, much of which are in private ownership, are available.

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