The River Wye has a historic reputation as England & Wales leading salmon river, with a particular emphasis on the size and fecundity of its spring salmon run. The decline in in-river catches since the 1970s has been paralleled by a decline in owner and rise in government management control over the same period.
Wye Salmon Association would like to see the river returned to its former glory and believe additional action and significant change is necessary for salmon stocks in the river to recover. A key component in assisting with the recovery is the return of control and management of the river to owners, leaseholders and anglers. Together the voice of this group should present a major force in mapping a way forward.
Wye Salmon Association offer support to the most proven effective elements of current activities whilst encouraging use of the skills, experience and knowledge of our supporters in researching and identifying the changes required and projects suitable for funding either alone or in cooperation with others who may have an interest. We also understand the need to develop partnerships with existing bodies, both government & NGO, and this will continue to remain a high priority.
We aim to provide all our supporters and all angling interests with a voice in the process and encourage game angling as a pastime to all.

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