Mentioning those long winter evenings those fly tiers amongst you , and those who don’t , might like to reflect on next seasons flies. We are often asked what patterns to use and although personally I have favourites I believe the fly most likely to catch is the one you are using at the time.  I you like the look of it, odds on the fish might too.
Lets start with some flies for early next season. below are a couple of well proven patterns.

The Comet and the gold bodied Willie Gunn.

Tied on a 3/0 single and a 1 1/2″ brass tube.  Willie Gunn does not usually have jungle cock checks but it does add something to the flie so why not -apart from the expense of course.

Body divided into three sections;

Rear  -flat silver tinsel ribbed with silver wire.
Yellow Bucktail followed by a red body also ribbed with silver wire.
Red Bucktail followed by a black body ribbed with silver wire or flat tinsel.
Head Black- Bucktail and jungle Cock cheeks

Willie Gunn
Body -Gold mylar or flat gold body ribbed with gold oval,.
Wing -mixed red, yellow and black bucktail. Vary proportions to lighten or darken the fly.
A few strands of orange twinkle in the wind does no harm -ditto the jungle cock.


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