NRW engagement with Local Fisheries Groups (LFGs) on the status of our salmon and sea trout stocks, and possible new exploitation controls required to improve their status, has been ongoing for at least a year. So far this has been through informal liaison at which we have sought views and experience from fishermen and stakeholders across Wales.

Changing existing fisheries byelaws for salmon and sea trout is a complex issue. We have to make the right decision to protect depleted fish stocks and ensure they are managed sustainably for the future benefit of fishermen and the people of Wales.

We have spoken with fisheries groups across Wales over the past year, and have been reviewing all available evidence. We continue to do so, and when we have fully considered all relevant matters, we will then decide on what is required to address stock declines. This is still likely to include new rod and net fishing byelaws for the 2018 season, and also the renewal of the all-Wales Net Limitation Order.

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NRW Salmon & Sea Trout Controls


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