Annual fisheries monitoring programme reveals unprecedented reduction in salmon fry abundance across Wales

Each year NRW carries out a programme of fisheries monitoring to record the distribution and abundance of fish – notably juvenile salmon and trout – in many of our rivers. The data are used to assess stock performance and status and, over the period since monitoring commenced in 1986, long-term trends in fish densities. This monitoring therefore has an important role to play in the sustainable management of our natural resources as it helps us to understand, protect and manage our fish stocks. See 2016 report




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  • Ergyng warrior

    It is very interesting here – that a government-funded body (NRW) is posting material via an unaccountable, unelectable privately-run organisation (WUF) that is not bound by the Freedom of Information Act. (see document on the juvenile salmonid monitoring programme) . A worrying step, and yet another nail in the coffin of publicly-accountable fisheries management.

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